Murci News Ad T-Shirt

  • Made in Los Angeles
  • fabric laundered for reduced shrinkage
  • custom print on front and back
  • unisex 
  • 6.5oz
  • 100% cotton


The Lamborghini Murcielago is one of the most iconic supercars of the 21st century. Named after the famous bull “Murcielago” who fought so valiantly against matador Rafael Molina “Lagartijo” that its life was spared. The highest honor a bull could obtain.

Featuring a 6.2L V12 producing 572hp from 2001-2006 until it was upgraded to 6.5 liters for the LP640 model taking the horsepower up to 631. All models come standard with a six-speed manual transmission, although a six-speed e-Gear semi-automatic transmission is also an option.

In 2012 the Murcielago was featured in a Kanye West song titled “Mercy”. The hook was “Lamborghini mercy, your chick she’s so thirsty.” The song went on to go quadruple platinum for four million digital sales as of August 2016.

You can expect to purchase one in today’s market for roughly around $225k USD with lower mileage uniquely specced versions going upwards of $500k USD. As the era of naturally aspirated supercars comes to an end, we can only expect prices to continue rising.

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