We are empowering women with the resources needed to thrive in today's
ever-changing entertainment landscape.

Work closely with our talent management team

Our experienced team is here to help support you along your journey and offer guidance in whichever medium you are partaking in, whether you have potential to model abroad, an amazing voice that belongs in the studio, or dreams of acting in films, we have the ability to get you the training and opportunities to help build your career.

Attend exclusive member only experiences

We host invite only events for our members and curate an environment of likeminded individuals that share similar interests and passions. Our experiences range from trips around the world, to nights out in the town and allow our members to fully immerse themselves in our world.

Participate in campaigns with our partners

We provide our members with the opportunity to partipate in campaigns with our partners and make some extra cash.

Due to high demand we can only accept a few submissions for our magazine every month, but fortunately for members of the club their submissions are prioritized.

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