Lexus, famous for catering to elderly golf and beige enthusiasts, has launched their first in a line of Sports yachts. This first take, the LY 650, boasts 2,000 hp and seafaring potential around the world.

We got our first look at Japanese automotive giant Lexus’ yacht at the 2018 Fort Lauderdale International boat show. Now, one year later, we get more concrete details about where the project is headed. The sea crafts will be developed in tandem with the U.S. based yacht designer Marquis Yachts. As mentioned, the beast is powered by two Volvo Penta IPS1350 engines producing a mammoth 1,000 horsepower each. Coupled with the lightweight, sleekly designed hull, and this yacht will cut through the water like a dolphin covered in K.Y. Jelly.

Structurally, the hull is made of composition between carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic, and glass fiber-reinforced plastic. The ship is equipped with three decks: a top deck with secondary controls, the main cabin with living space and a salon, and a lower deck which can sleep six people.

Lexus has further focussed on the personalization of the ship through the passenger’s mobile devices. Using the new LY-Link wireless connection, a passenger can connect to the vessel’s navigation, sound, and lighting systems. The sound system itself is bespoke to the LY 650 with powerful wattage delivered to the main cabin via a new Mark Levinson surround-sound display.

Akio Toyoda, the current president of Toyota Motor Corporation, has made implications to Lexus and Toyota leaning away from being merely automotive institutions and instead a “mobility company.” This could include further news towards self-driving vehicles or Toyota’s endeavors on single-person transportation for Asian markets shortly, but for now, we have the LY 650. Get the latest on other projects on the Lexus website below:

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