Meet Canoo, a Los-Angeles-based company that has designed the first truly independent EV platform. That’s right- truly independent. Meaning unlike other models in the industry, you don’t even need a cabin to drive one of these things. A racing seat and steering wheel is all you need to whip around the world.

To prove it, Canoo transformed its skateboard into a cabin-less “skatekart” and got racing driver Sara Price to take it for a spin around the desert. Price tore across the terrain, showing off the platform’s high-performance powertrain - designed in-house - that boasts up to 500 horsepower and over 300 miles of range.

Here’s what Price had to say: “I was blown away by how fun it was to drive. The overall performance was impressive. The skateboard felt powerful, with smooth and dynamic handling, especially during high speed cornering. The drive-by-wire steering was something new for me and it felt like it was built for the track.”

Those smooth and dynamic moves are due to Canoo’s first true Steer-by-Wire system. Inspired by performance race cars, Canoo wanted to provide a highly responsive driving experience and versatility for their future line up. So they designed Steer-by-Wire to provide drivers like Price with more responsive handling. Plus, it allows you to position the seat anywhere you want- pretty cool.

The fact that the skateboard chassis is uniquely modular is what makes it so highly versatile. The skateboard vehicle platform is Canoo’s core technological backbone, common to all its vehicles. It’s an independent skateboard, with flexible use. That’s why they chose to showcase the skateboard's performance as a bare-bones “skatekart-” to really show us that a racing seat and steering wheel is absolutely all this platform needs.

“We wanted to showcase our skateboard’s performance and prove that our rolling chassis is a truly self-contained unit with everything needed to drive built inside,” said Ulrich Kranz, in Charge of Canoo. “We have revolutionized the platform design concept with a chassis that can be easily married with different cabins, with little adjustment, enabling us to get new vehicles on the road faster and cheaper. By keeping the most critical and expensive part of the vehicle uniform in all our models, it allows us to rapidly and cost effectively bring to market a full line-up of EVs.”

As fun as it looks, the Canoo platform isn’t only made for speeding across the desert as a “skatekart.” It’s also the flattest skateboard yet, enabling Canoo to maximize interior space on a compact exterior footprint, rapidly scaling new vehicle programs faster and for a mere fraction of the cost. You can look forward to Canoo’s first model launch, expected in 2022 via subscription. #CanooPartner

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