Brian James #SpeedSuspects


Name: Brian James, @brianjjames

Car: Dodge Viper

City: Los Angeles

Occupation: Software Architect

Age: 28

Profile Summary: Brian James is a man who attacks every facet of his life with passion. It’s unsurprising, then, that the photographer and entrepreneur has been obsessed with the same car since he was a child: the Dodge Viper. “The Viper, for 90s kids, was like the [Lamborghini] Diablo. Those were the two cars that I think everybody had on their bedroom posters in the 90s…”. From then on, the Viper would be a recurring theme in Brian’s life. After much hard work paid off, Brian finally bought his first Viper and used it to expand his understanding of racing, “As a Black American, I want to find a way to expose more people of color to the world of racing… I don’t know what that looks like quite yet, but I think just being a part of it and being out there and representing as a person of color is just super important”. Now, Brian is driving a different model Viper (a Ferrari Rosso Fucco model he designed himself through Dodge’s 1 of 1 program). Brian’s relationship to the Viper is further proof of the good that comes from a bond between man and machine, “That’s the viper: it’s passion, it’s purpose. It doesn’t apologize for what it is, or what it’s trying to be, it just is, and you either take it or you leave it.  And I think that that’s just a really good reflection of who I am as a person.”

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