Name: Amber Leigh

Age: 21

Username: @Kill.Bambi

Car: Audi R8

City: Los Angeles

Occupation: DJ/Producer

For Amber, racing isn’t just a hobby- it’s a lifelong dream. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Amber developed an appreciation for automotive at an early age. She remembers her dad taking his Ferraris out to the track in a fire-proof suit, watching him race, and thinking “this is so cool, I want to do this.” 

As a teen, driving came to mean something even more to Amber- freedom. It started with sneaking out from under her strict grandmother’s watch to go to car events with friends (she recalls one memorable night when she accidentally triggered her home-security alarm trying to sneak out) and it soon became a true passion. 

“Driving was always kinda a getaway for me… My Mom always wanted me to be this person I was never, so I just always used driving to get away- and I always felt like it gave me the freedom to. And when I was finally able to get the car that I have now, since I like going fast it just feels like a whole new escape.” Bambi is currently working towards her lifelong dream enrolled in racing school in Los Angeles.

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