Adey Bennett


Name: Adeyemi @adeysworld

Car: BMW M3 Competition, Yamaha R1

City: Los Angeles

Occupation: Designer

Profile Summary: On the corner of going fast, and helping others look good while they do it, sits one man: Adeyemi. One of the only automotive moguls who not only enjoys the sport itself but designs clothes inspired by racing and the pursuit of speed. Born in Brooklyn, Adey was raised by a single mother. She was an artist who helped him become a creative thinker and see the world through a designer's lens. That viewpoint impacts Adey’s driving and riding as much as his profession, "I always customize my riding wear. I don't like to ever fit in- that doesn't gel with me. I have to be me at all times, and I love being able to express myself in that way". Just as there's much to learn from success, Adey has gained even more from the times man or machine has fallen short, "I think I've had every kind of accident you can have on a motorcycle". No obstacles, however, have interfered with Adey’s commitment to his craft. "I want customers to resonate with the items because they are made with that love of racing. I hope that even the people who don't take as much care in driving or riding can see that behind the brand is a story."

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