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Canoo’s EV Microbuses target Millenials

Canoo’s EV Microbuses target Millenials

The L.A. based automotive start-up, Canoo, is preparing to launch their line of subscription-only electric microbuses. The logistics of these vehicles are sourced through an app targeting the growing class of independent Millenials and Gen Z’s.

While Canoo may be only a start-up, they’ve landed Richard Kim, who designed the BMW i3 and i8. Thanks to the similar design language, the microbuses are void of any sharp lines and take a minimalistic approach to travel and flash. While the exterior is modern, yet somewhat tame, the interior is awash in bare metals and fabrics reminiscent of a modern hotel room. A simple one-screen display along with an oblong steering wheel leave passengers in mind of something more akin to Back to The Future, rather than 2019.

Let’s talk specs: each microbus comes with the same 80kWh battery and motor which pumps out a claimed, 300bhp, 313lb ft of torque, and 250 miles of range. The top speed is just north of 125 mph, though more impressive is the claimed fast-charging time of 28 minutes. Each microbus seats seven, with a wraparound backbench accounting for most of that. As the prototypes sit right now, there’s a very open concept to the interior along with ample window space. Presumably, so all other Millenials can watch you drink Kombucha in your subscription-based electric minibus, on the way to a vegan restaurant employing only the tattooed and ear-gauged. 

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Canoo is hoping for a national audience, though they will be starting locally in the greater L.A. area. A definite launch date hasn’t been announced yet, though Canoo assures it will be sometime in 2021 and we’re excited. Check out their website below:

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