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Craving an M3 station wagon? Alpina Saves the Day

Craving an M3 station wagon? Alpina Saves the Day

For no conceivable reason, America refuses to buy station wagons or “estate cars” as our non-domestic friends would say. It’s bewitching. A wagon allows almost identical handling and performance as its sedan counterparts, while still fitting a small dead horse in the back. Even so, Americans will only buy the gas-guzzling, slower, SUV siblings of these cars. If you’re one of the good ones, though, a performance wagon is finally available.

Most have looked to BMW to fill this void as they’ve produced some outstanding wagons in the past. The head of BMW’s M division, Markus Flasch, has recently announced that they will not be pursuing such endeavors anymore. Luckily, Alpina, the German company which shares most of a production line with BMW, has stepped in with their new B3.

In true Alpina fashion, the B3 has far more elegant lines than the brash and loud M products of late. The only thing to tip you off that it’s something special would be those signature 20’ multi-spoke Alpine wheels. If the next generation of M3 has the same engine we see now in the latest X3 M, then it’ll pump out 503 bhp and 443lb ft of torque. The Alpina isn’t quite there, with 455 bhp, but its twin-turbo six-cylinder engine is torquier with 513 lb-ft.

Alpina won’t tell us the 0-60 time; however, they’ll divulge that the top speed is north of 186 mph. They also contest that the B3 is tuned for more “real-world fast driving.” The B3 also comes with a very responsible all-wheel-drive system and 8-speed automatic transmission rather than a DCT variant. I would lead with those things when arguing with a spouse about why you need one so bad. Once you convince them, orders will be open in early 2020. Check out their website below:

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