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Tesla fights back against Porsche with new “Plaid” Powertrain

Tesla fights back against Porsche with new “Plaid” Powertrain

Porsche has recently released the hyper-fast (all-electric) Taycan S, which will reach 60 miles per hour in 2.6 seconds. Tesla is not willing to lose its crown as the fastest all-electric sedan and have launched the “Plaid” powertrain. “Plaid” is even more intense than their previous “ludicrous” mode.

So far, there’s only a prototype Model S with this trimotor “Plaid” powertrain. Elon Musk has promised it’s coming in the next iteration of the Model X and the second-generation Roadster as well. Musk tweeted, “To be clear, Plaid powertrain is about a year away from production & applies to S, X & Roadster, but not 3 or Y. Will cost more than our current offerings, but less than competitors.”

The naming of this new system, in true Musk nature, is quirkily named after Mel Brooks’ movie Spaceballs. While realistic production may still be a year out, a “Plaid”-clad model S has lapped Laguna Seca in 1 minute and 36 seconds. This record would be one second faster than the previous time held by a four-door sedan. While Tesla themselves are adamant, a Laguna Seca spokesperson denied the legitimacy of the run to CNBC as official records “only happen during sanctioned events where a sanctioning body is officiating.”

Despite the news from the Laguna Seca officials, Tesla has its sights firmly set on Germany’s Nürburgring race track for a fully sanctioned run. This is hot on the heels of Porsche announcing that the Taycan S has set a current record in the same category. Check back here for more information on that showdown and in the meantime, watch Teslas in-car video from the Laguna Seca hot lap below:

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