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Tesla Soon to Launch Battery System that Could Last One Million Miles

Tesla Soon to Launch Battery System that Could Last One Million Miles

Last April, Elon Musk promised a battery system or cell that could last one million miles. Even though that’s more than twice the distance that a current Tesla battery cell can last, researchers now believe the idea isn’t far away from the road.

Researchers at Dalhousie University published a paper earlier in September, which details a lithium-ion battery which “should be able to power an electric vehicle for over one million miles.” The document also explains that such plans for a battery would mean it loses less than 10% of its capacity through those million miles. Dalhousie has elected to make even the most intimate details of the battery’s composition and additives open source so that automotive makers can use their findings in their own companies.

This would seem to be an odd move on the University’s part as they signed an exclusive bond with the Tesla research team in 2016. It does seem as though Tesla may have a plan of their own, however, as they’ve applied for a patent shortly after these findings developed. This means, likely that Tesla has their improved version in R & D. Musk has also laid claim that he respects competition in most endeavors surrounding space exploration and electric motor development which may explain the divulgence of these specs.

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The timeline of these events is concurrent with what we would expect from Tesla. Musk has promised “robotaxis” along with “semi-electric long haul trucks” which are available for reservation. Either would require immense range and capacity. Check back with us for more info as the battery race continues, and check out Tesla’s “Autonomy Day” video below:

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